January 6 2020

Merry-Happy New Festivus-er-us-errr to You!

I’m a slacker.


Yes… I’ve not been as prolific as I’ve wanted to be. My kids are still failing in school and need me watching and cleaning up after each of their steps. Those pants of theirs just don’t poop themselves ya know.

That being said… It’s now 2020 and I’m still alive. I FEEL OLD.

You know what’s sad is just yesterday, at work, I found myself watching a youtube video on Amtrack train travel. Yes, hold your horses.. it wasn’t about going anywhere specific that caught my attention, it was just the fact that I would “FREE” of any kind of responsibility and could just stare out a window and possibly find myself again through a number of hours of reflection.





And now were returning from the gripe zone…


So I submitted my chapter 1 of Starfall to a critique group (in first draft form) and boy did they chew it up. I expected as much. That was back on Dec 18th and I still haven’t found the time to go through all of what they did to it. Am I afraid? No. Busy, yes. I took a week off over the Xmas/new-years span and I didn’t write/edit/read a single thing. Why? F-ing busy. My wife’s birthday is nestled in between Xmas and new years so that adds to the domestic duties. Translation = NO TIME.


Currently, I’m editing chapter 2 of Starfall into a second draft so I can submit that to the butchers. (I’m saying that with affection-I swear!) They are an older group and I hope to pick parts of their pearls of wisdom and use the parts that make sense (which means I’m smert enough to understand them as well).


Okay, my lunch hour is almost over…



(And get off my lawn!)


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