April 4 2019

B.S. and the calling of it (Dave is EVIL)

I am fully aware of the fact that everyone has weird family members. I don’t have a monopoly. In fact, I would consider my family to be more on the normal side when compared to all the wackos that are out there.

Even then, I still like to stir the pot.

My mother and her 20+ year boyfriend landed last night in Seattle after spending the last few weeks in Europe. My mother uses the WhatsApp chatting platform on her phone to keep in contact with a plethora of people.

What follows is our conversation



My Brother: Happy you got back safe. Any good movies in the flight?

Mother: Yes, I watched Argo. Really interesting.

My Brother: Ooh. Haven’t seen it.

Mother: If was full of suspense, really enjoyed it. And this morning in the breakfast room talked to a woman whose father was with Delta Force, and on secret missions for the gov’t. Interesting stuff.

EvilDave: You mean like what *Bob* did?

(*not really name)

Mother: Bob was not in the military.

EvilDave: He’s said he was…??? Some years ago he was telling *MyWife’s uncle about a covert op he did.

My Brother: Maybe it was super secret service?

EvilDave: super-dooper full of pooper secret service??

Mother: He did under cover work for the Sherriff’s Dept. I guess that is similar work.

EvilDave: I can’t picture him in drag.


For some reason, the conversation died off right about then.




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