October 4 2017

Total Applications… & “Wow, she is kinda crazy”

Hello Peoples,

So yesterday I went to speak, with a person who shall remain nameless, who conducted my last interview, about how I did.

I didn’t get the job (Obviously) but he provided me some good insight as to what I can do to improve my chances.

He said I came in second place and was surprised in my mentioning that I’ve scored 10 interviews over the past 10 months that I hadn’t landed anything. My current Dwight also recently contacted him to verify that I had actually shown up for the said interview (yeah I know, childish to the power of boogers). He said in not so many words that, which I am paraphrasing and claiming as only my interpretation of what “I THOUGHT HE SAID” which was along the line of ‘I wouldn’t be surprised with you getting so many interviews that your current boss isn’t sabotaging you on her end when agencies are calling for references’. I informed him she isn’t anywhere listed as one of my contacts as I know she is a ‘big bag of wet cats’ when it comes to the way she see’s things (HER AGENDA – HER WAY – HER TWISTED REALITY). Oh, and he kind of (IN MY OWN INTERPRETATION OF WHAT I THOUGHT I HEARD) said, ‘She’s sounded nuts’.

Oh how that put a smile on my face.

Still, that got me thinking about if that could be happening. So I started adding up my applications over the past year by month.

Oct 2016 – 4

Nov 2016 – 14

Dec 2016 – 4

Jan 2017 – 25

Feb 2017 – 14

Mar 2017 – 24

Apr 2017 – 19

May 2017 – 32

June 2017 – 32

July 2017 – 18 (I was out for 3 weeks because she wouldn’t let me come in due to my nose surgery.)

Aug 2017 – 40

Sept 2017 – 42

Oct 2017 – 11 (So far, it’s only the 4th as of today.)



If my math is right that is 279 overall. I’ve had 10/11 interviews so far (I can’t remember exactly)

Is she up to nefarious acts? It’s hard to say but I think I’m gathering the proof that she might be….


We will see…


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